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Welcome to the Home of  "TRIXIE"  the New Innovated child like features Koala Cartoon Character.  We are the  creators of the  Kubeba Koala Bears, and the Kubeba Koala- POP OFF HANGING DECAL, PHYSICALLY EXPRESSIVE GREETING CARD. (Braille and Plain Text Versions). The Kubeba Koala Brand  Located in United State and is registered in Conyers Georgia. 

 TRIXIE KOALA; Believes in the commonalities shared between children and adults, rather than focusing on our differences. Believing that Education and Social Awareness builds the bridge we as society sometimes need to remember as a Human race. The creation of Trixie was inspired by a 6 year old blind girl, who fell in love with a old worn out, one eyed koala stuffed animal.  The slogan “THROUGH LOVE I SEE only embrace the theology that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and it is God’s Love & Grace that he has created us all as equals. Whether we are blind, visually Impaired, or sighted. Children are our future and The Kubeba Koala Brand objective is inclusive, in everyone's growth, likes and equality. ALSO MEET TRIXIE'S FRIENDS (SKI-BLINKY AND PEARL KOALA)



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