Welcome to the home of the New Innovated child like features, Cartoon Characters TRIXIE  KOALA BEARS, "BRAILE" POP OFF REMOVALBE DECAL GREETING CARD.

BRAILLE POP OFF DECAL: Featuring Trixie  Koala, specially created and designed for the Blind and Visually Impaired. This beautiful unique hand made card are  designed as a KEEPSAKE ITEM, that allows personal interactive usage. A gift that can be enjoyed by any age, and ALL  ethnic groups. With her Human Like Eye Lashes, pronounce fury Black nose, Colorful raised Rhinestone and decorative glitter, allows the identity of her image upon  sensory touch and feel. The REMOVABLE DECALS  stick to ANY surface, or can be Hung by its attached string as an onement. Packaged with a clear see through protective plastic case to preserve originality.  Trixie is more than a Greeting Card, remove the decal for personal and decorative use on book bags, children bedroom walls, refrigerator decoration and more.

With over 357 Million people in the United States who suffer from some form of  blindness or Visually Impairments. Braille Greeting Cards are one of the few cards that connect with a specific population in a highly saturated industry on a individual, personal and meaningful level. The Kubeba Koala Brand Incorporation, was created and inspired by a 6 year old blind girl named Trixie. (READ THE STORY OF TRIXIE ABOVE) 



 The devastating forest fire in Australia has killed thousand of Koala and other wild life animals, as humanitarians and wild life lovers, The Kubeba Koala Brand supports the importance of Social Awareness and financial need to  these animals and the rebuilding of their  habitat. Proceeds through purchases of our products helps us support both the Foundations of the Blind, Visually Impaired and the Koala Foundations. Your support and purchases helps us provide donations toward our interested causes.