(2HD)- Hip Hoppa Designs 2, is a subsidiary  of The Kubeba Koala Brand Ltd Company, (THE KUBEBA KOALA CHILDLIKE HUMAN FEATURES KOALA BEAR CHARECTERS) Located in Conyers Georgia.  Hip Hop  transcends beyond  Music, it is represented in Expressive Visual Art , Cultural Expression, The way we Dress. It is a Style, A Language and Way of Life.,(Hip Hop has "meaning")   that has captured and embraced ALL  ethnicities. HIP HOPPA DESIGNS 2 provides you with ORIGINAL HAND DRAWN ART, as a KEEPSAKE ITEMS FROM US TO YOU.  Scents applied after order, long lasting scented material. (Or unscented to apply your OWN PERSONAL FRAGRANT) 

We know you will enjoy our Custom made Car "ART" Air Fresheners Images.  Double Sided,  Comes 3" x 3.9" size and packaged in see through protective sealed sleeves.  Along with The Kubeba Koala Brand, our mission is to utilize our images on products you  enjoy. 

Contact: hiphoppadesigns2@gmail.com, or kubebakoalabrand@gmail.com