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One day my partner and I was visiting some friends. The parents had just brought their girls some New Stuff Animals. As we went into the room to say our hellos, we notice a little blind girl searching the bed for the dolls she wanted to play with. She chose a worn out, old "One Eye" dirty Koala. As she began to feel the doll and see it through her hearts eyes she discovered the dolls abnormalties and held it to her face, carressing it in a motherly and loving fashion. I want this doll she announced. The other little girls laughed and giggled with one saying; " Why you want that old dirty Ugly thing with One Eye"? "Come play with a New One. Agitated the little blind girl replied; "I don't think it's Ugly, and old dolls need just as much love as your New ones. (The little girl obviusly made a connection with the One Eye Koala, being visually impaired herself). They immediately realized the mistake of their words, and invited the blind girl to join them in play. The little blind girl taught us all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and through love she sees. We discoved her name was TRIXIE. As a Greeting Card maker in our spare time, we made Trixie a Braille "Koala" Greeting Card as a gift. As Trixie was going back home to Africa in which she lived. We had the card mailed to her.Trixie spoke broken English as her language was SWAHILII. The word pronounce (Ku-Bee- Ba) means Bear in her language. Education of blindness among children and their peers in very imporant expecial when attending the same schools. We though creating a Kubeba Koala "REVERSIBLE" Doll that was visually impaired on one side, and sighted on the other would be the perfect tool to bring kid together and the millions of TRIXIE'S in the world.

Your support in the development and manufacturing of the KUBEBA KOALA DOLLS can help make a difference in a childs life. WE ALL LOVE STUFFED ANIMAL.

Story Written by Ms. Frankie Hudson - CEO