Innovative Product Developers

We are the inventors, owners and creators of the New Innovated Childlike Human Characteristic Koala, proberly named THE KUBEBA KOALA BEARS.  Our mission was to develop something expecially for THE KIDS to enjoy that was reflective of their personalities, characters and innocents. Our cute colorful childlike feature Koala Characters has achieeved this goal. With over 10 unique koala characters children can enjoy the Koala's on a variety on items. Our Kubeba Koala Kid Greeting Card Line is universal and appropriate for all ethnicties  and ages. We are very proud of our Newest Koala Hanging Kid Air Fresheners, that can be hung in your childs rooms, or placed in a school bag to keep it fresh.  Be it a Koala T-shirt, Cup, or Mouse pad. It's a Koala world for your kids to enjoy.

 We anticipate the manufacturing of  Koala Therapeuitic Comforters in the Medical Field, for the thousands who suffer from illnesses and just may need a freiend. The Kubeba Koala Brand Ltd Company, located in Conyers Georgia launched our first Braille Greeting Card as a gift to  a little 6 year old blind girl with a big heart, who taught us love is not blind and through love she sees. Inspired by Trixie we named our first  Kubeba Koala Braille Card design, and Prototype Doll TRIXIE. And this is how The Kubeba Koala Brand was born in 2019.... ( READ THE STORY OF TRIXIE)


Some say they love the Koala, because it reminds them of Human Babies when born.

I found that “anthropomorpism” – attributing human qualities to a non-human animal – has helped shift attitudes towards the koala away from the scientific and economic to a more romantic, emotional view. In particular, koalas share physical characteristics with human babies, which further endears them to us.

When humans see themselves in other animals, this can engender greater empathy and concern for the species. And the koala, with its human baby-like qualities can be readily anthropomorphised.

Indeed, koalas exhibit “neoteny”, whereby mature animals retain juvenile physical features. This has been shown to trigger positive emotional responses from human adults.

These features include:

  • a prominent forehead with eyes positioned below the centre of the head
  • rounded head and body
  • soft elasticity of the body surface
  • a vertical posture.

Baby Koalas are called "JOEYS". We have created and combined the animal's features, with human characteristics that captures the innocents and beauty displayed in both human and koala. Whether you are a child, or adult we are sure you will enjoy all our Koala  products.  Our Mission is to develop the Joey's worldwide for all to enjoy.


Charities and Orginizations that support the preservation of the Koala, wishing to purchase koals products receive discount rates. We also welcome Manufactures interested in helping to bringing THE KUBEBA KOALA DOLLS to todays Market