Inspired by a 6yr old Little girl with a BIG heart. Thank you TRIXIE.



One day while visiting  friends who had just purchased  new stuffed animals for their kids that were playing in the bedroom, I noticed a little girl searching for the doll she wish to play with on the bed.  As I watched I became aware that she was blind. The little blind girl decided on a worn out, one eyed old koala bear.  As she continued to feel and see the doll through her hearts eyes, she announced in an excited voice, " this bear only has one eye". The other little girls giggled and laughed, telling her to put that old thing down and come play with a new doll. The little blind girl replied, " No! I like this one". 

As I stood in the doorway watching the little blind girl caress and rub the doll against her face, holding it in a caring and motherly fashion. I couldn't help but to be touched. I also realized her automatic connection to this doll with one eye, was probably because she herself was blind, She understood what it felt like to be treated differently. As the girls continued to play together one little girl asked; "why do you want to play with that ugly old thing with one-eye instead of one of the new ones"?

The blind little girl replied, in an agitated voice," I don't think it's ugly, and it needs love just as much as your new ones"! The other little girls realized that she was right. They took the koala from the blind girl's arms and hugged it and her, as they continued to play together. The little bind girl taught the little girls and me, that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. She also taught them, that love is not blind and through love she sees. I discovered the little blind girl's name was Trixie. As a greeting card maker in my spare time, I created a Braille koala card to give a little girl with a big heart, and named it TRIXIE. This is how the Kubeba Koala Bears, Cards and Company was born. All images on this website are Copyright protected,, and many not be used, utilized, copied, displayed by any entity without explicit approval in writing. Any use of images owned by The Kubeba Koala Brand without written approval shall be subject to legal action.