The Kubeba Koala Brand Ltd Company, specialize in providing Small Businesses and Companies with the opportunity to utilize our images on their products through Licensing Agreements that enhance revenue and cash flow. In addition to including them in the Greeting Card industry which make over 7.5 Billion Dollars a year. Unlike Hallmark, American Greetings and other large Greeting Card Companies, we cater to THE SMALL MAN BUSINESSES. As a result of the economic pressures and financial lost the Corona Pandemic has had on us all, The Kubeba Koala Brand Ltd Company believes rather than having consumers buy our products from the big chain stores that continue to help them make money. We believe placing our Greeting Cards in local stores and businesses, within our Community evens the playing field.

We have launched a New Greeting Card Lined called; THE KUBEBA KOALA POP OFF DECAL, with child like characters for many occasions. From Happy Birthday, Happy Graduation, Get Well, Thinking of you and other sentiment categories. These adorable card decals can be stuck to ANY surface, OR  hung by its attached string as an ornament. When the giving occasion has past, the Removal Decal may be kept as an KEEPSAKE that reminds you of a specific time or event. If your business is located in Dekalb or Rockdale County Georgia, contact us for a FREE PORTABLE RACK DISPLAY.

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