With thousand of Greeting Cards that express heart felt messages normally given for specific occasions, seldom do we discover a greeting card line design to capture images  children find connection too and are fun to have. The Kubeba Koala Pop Up and Pop Off are not only cute, but allows children to become personally interactive. With a variety of usage the Koala Pop Up and Pop off can be placed on the refrigerator as a Keepsake item, used as a Book Marker, stuck to Clothing, or just used to Decorate a child's  favorite play area. Also comes with an attached string to be hung as a decal.

Our special hand craft cards designed with human like Eye Lashed and Raised glitter,  allows those who are Blind and Visually Impaired to utilize their sensory ability to feel, discover and see through the sense of touch the beauty of the cards creation. With an Braille and Plain Text inside is also accessible to the sighted.

Get 2  cards in 1 with this unique creation of love.

Our mission was to create a Kid Like features card, with a Universal Image that all kids and adults love. We believe the Koala Image met our Goal.

                                                ( THE KUBEBA KOALA STUFFED BEARS COMING SOON)


As HUMANITARIAN we support the PRESERVATION of wild life. We  ask that you join the Campaigns that have been created to assist in  rebuilding the  habitat of the  AUSTRALIAN KOAlA and of all animals there. Due to the recent forest fires in Australia, many animals are on the verge of distinction.  Help us support both  causes through the purchase of  KUBEBA KOALA Products. By ordering in bulk, and we will DONATING a percentage of your purchase to a Charity of YOUR CHOICE. This will help spread the Social Awareness of issues that effect humanity as a whole.