Originality is our motto. Unlike big Companies with huge "minimum" orders,, or those unwilling to create small orders. We have no minimum order process. We keep it simple and sweet. Purchase what you desire and we ship it to you within 7-10 business days depending on your requested quantity.

Because of our Print Preview Process on "Personal" request. We ask you to provide us at lease 1 week notice to allow preview approval and shipping time.be it through artistic designs, or through bringing an innovated product. Our mission was to create  products with meaning, that is embraced by all ethnicities.  We have  reached that goal. 


Ask about out "LISENCING" and WHOLESALE Options, if you are interested in Business Markup Sales for products you offer the public.   Just email us with your request at kubebakoalabrand@gmail.com. or hiphoppadesigns2@gmail.com

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