Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


The Kubeba Koala Brand Ltd Company, are a Greeting Card WHOLESALE DISTIBUTOR AND  IMAGE LICENSING Company. With a variety of Original Art Designs that allow Companies and Businesses to purchase and license to enhance your product line and revenue. Whether you desire to have our Cards in your Stores for MARKUP SALES, or License specific designs to place on items you sell ( T-shirts, Bags etc... ) We also provide "CONSIGNMENT OPTIONS" on certain products distributed by us.

We have launched a New Greeting Card Lined called; THE KUBEBA KOALA POP OFF DECAL, with child like characters for many occasions. From Happy Birthday, Happy Graduation, Get Well, Thinking Of You and  more . These adorable card decals can be stuck to ANY surface, OR  hung by its attached string as an ornament. When the giving occasion has past, the Removal Decal may be kept as an KEEPSAKE that reminds you of a specific time or event. If your business is located in Dekalb or Rockdale County Georgia, contact us for a FREE PORTABLE RACK DISPLAY.