THE KUBEBA KOALA BRAND, LTD COMPANY™, are a Wholesale and Image Licensing Company of the New  innovated Childlike features/human "Baby Joey" Koala  Characters. The Baby Joey's Greeting Cards, stick to ANY surface, or can be Hung by its attached string as an onement KEEPSAKE ITEM. When humans see themselves in other animals, this can engender  greater empathy and concern for the species. The Joey's koala, with there human baby-like qualities can be readily anthropomorphized.   The Koala and Humans share several similarities. But, WHY DO HUMANS LOVE KOALA? BECAUSE THEY LOOK LIKE HUMAN BABIES.  

  With the demand for New intellectual property ideas within the Plush Toy industry, 
we have developed innovatedPrototypes.   The Kubeba Koala Therapeutic JOEY Plush Dolls, for the thousand  that suffer from blindness and other medical conditions. Include patients living with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Autism as Medical Comforters.



The Kubeba Koala Brand Ltd Company are humanitarians, that care about wildlife. Especially  Australia animals effected by the Wildfires, that have  damaged and destroyed the their habitat. Thousands of animals have been killed, and their existence threatened  due to the devastation of the wildfires, in most part. Through Social Awareness,  and human support  worldwide, enables us as a society to contribute to wild life preservation. By creating  the childlike/human features Koala Characters we hope will helps our romantic and humans connection in identifying... OURSELVES IN THE KOALA.