THE KUBEBA KOALA BRAND, LTD COMPANY™, are an Online Retail Shop  and Image Licensing Company of the New  innovated Childlike features/human "Baby Joey" Koala  Characters.  When humans see themselves in other animals, this can engender  greater empathy and concern for the species. The Joey's koala, with there human baby-like qualities can be readily anthropomorphized.   The Koala and Humans share several similarities. But, WHY DO HUMANS LOVE KOALA? BECAUSE THEY LOOK LIKE HUMAN BABIES.  

  We recognized that humans love things in which we see ourselves and representative of.  The Trixie Story, was very inspirational in helping us become educated in the plight of the Australian Koala and wildlife. The innovation of combining the Koala animal features with human characteristics we hope will trigger some sense of humanity in us to help prevent the destruction of wild life habitat, forcing us to engage in the preservation which we as humans play a big part. We hope the development of the TRIXIE KOALA PLUSH will be a SYMBOLE and REMINDER to those that love the KOALA.