The purpose of this website is to solicit Companies, Manufactures and Investors through a visual pitch of interest. Our Objective is to reach a LICISING AGREEMENT within the appropriate "Target Markets". Presenting Trixie Love and assessories as  NOVELTY ITEMS within a wide spectrum that includes Greeting Cards, Cups, Hanging Air Freshers for Homes and Vehicles, Tshirts, Puzzels, Books and more.

We have provided a first "Product Type"/Prototype made from synthetic washable material as a physical visual display. Eight Inches tall with all assessories STRITCHED in, preventing any safety issues to children. The Plush Toy industry is predicted to coutinue with its Globals Sales as a marketable product. We believe Trixie Love, with her childlike features and human characteristics will be a welcoming addition in the plush toy world. Used as an Eductional Tool through pre school children who are sighted/blind, Therapeutic Comfoters to Adults who suffer from Alzheimers, Dementia, Autism, Spiritual Pray Compainions for kids before they go to bed, or just a cuddle buddy for us who just love cute and cuddeling dolls. No matter ones personal interest in Trixie Love, Trixie's objective is to SHARE HER LOVE.

If you are interested in dicsussing how we could bring this wonderful idea to life, and help benefit millions of people. Please feel free to contact Calvin at 229-573-3206, or email us at We would be happy to dicuss our full concept of the Trixie Love and her Friends ( The Kubeba Koala Doll Family)



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